I give my heart.


Last week, I finished Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner. One of the sections that really spoke to my heart was about belief. In the chapter titled Credo, Lauren quotes from Diana Eck’s  Encountering God:

The Latin credo means literally, I give my heart. The word believe is a problematic one today, in part because it has gradually changed its meaning from being the language of certainty so deep that I could give my heart to it, to the language of uncertainty so shallow that only the credulous would rely on it. Faith … is not about propositions, but about commitment. It does not mean that I intellectually subscribe to the following list of statements, but that I give my heart to this reality. Believe, indeed comes to us from the Old English belove, making clear that this too is meant to be heart language. To say, “I believe in Jesus Christ” is not to subscribe to an uncertain proposition. It is a confession of commitment, of love.

I love the idea that belief is heart language, that when you truly commit to a relationship with God, your faith is rooted in a love so strong that you give your heart to it.

3 thoughts on “I give my heart.

  1. christy says:

    i totally agree. a lot of people say they “believe”, but to truly, whole heartedly, from the depths of your soul “believe” is so beautifully different. that kind of “believe” is wanting to scream from the rooftop that God is so good + having unwavering faith during the sunshine + the rain. i’d love the read this book when you’re done!

  2. carmen says:

    ah! so glad you got to read girl meets god! i hope you loved it as much as i did. she’s someone i’d totally love to meet someday. she’s so smart!

    anyway thanks for passing along your blog address–so glad to be able to keep up with everything going on with you this way. can’t wait to catch up soon!!

    say hello to everyone and everything in ohio for me!

  3. gm says:

    Miss Katie, I needed to read this today. There are times when our faith can appear so weak and yet I love the definition of what it means to believe. I knew the word for I believe in italian was credo, but I never knew the depth of its definition. I love that it means more than believing. It’s a love that reaches into the depths of our very being and touches a chord that nothing else in this world can. I need to be reminded of that unwavering love tonight. Thanks for your friendship, my dear friend. I’m glad we’re on this journey together.

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