Music & Lyrics

 Music speaks to me. It moves my heart much like reading does. I love to discover a new song that is so good I can feel its beauty.

And then there are the lyrics: It’s not uncommon for me to write down lyrics while listening to a song, or to make a mental note to look up the exact lyrics on the computer later. (But, with my bookish nature, that probably doesn’t surprise you.)

Today, I was happy to discover a new artist. One of the segments of this week’s Boundless Podcast was an interview with Brandon Heath. They played various snippets of his music, and I felt that lovely feeling of being smitten with the sounds of a new musician.

A few songs to check out: Love Never Fails, Wait and See, Don’t Get Comfortable, Let’s Make it Last

Let me leave you with these lyrics from Don’t Get Comfortable:

I am gonna show you what I mean 
I am gonna love like you’ve never seen 
You are gonna live like you used to dream 

This is your new song

What have you been listening to lately?

One thought on “Music & Lyrics

  1. christy says:

    i’ve been listening to a lot of different stuff lately! kristian stanfill, john mayer, goo goo dolls, Ray LaMontagne, david crowder … can’t wait to check out brandon heath, love the lyrics to “don’t get comfortable.”

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