Wildly Hopeful


I don’t get outside enough just to soak up the details and appreciate the beauty. I’m always running here or there, or I’m settled inside cleaning or reading or cooking. So often, I miss all of the little stories that surround me.

I’ve walked this sidewalk before, but never noticed that someone named Colin once left his name in the cement.

It made me wonder: how often do we really see the things and people we pass on a day-to-day basis?

To see and appreciate what surrounds us is to feel a sense of belonging and connection to the place we call home. And for me, it means recognizing the beauty and blessings to be found in the place God has appointed me to be. It’s trusting that right now, I’m exactly where He wants me to be.

So today, I’m paying attention. I’m delighting in the colors of fall, the sunshine, and the feeling of being wildly hopeful.

One thought on “Wildly Hopeful

  1. christy says:

    LOVE the photo of the orange chair + the leaf. i love fall and all the beauty. i am going to try my best to remember to bring you some applesauce tomorrow :)

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