Comfort + Joy

Today was the perfect fall day.

The crispness of the air was just right. The sky was a lovely shade of blue and was filled with huge, beautiful clouds. And right in the middle of the day, while the sun was still shining, those clouds opened up and delivered a few minutes of sweet-sounding rain.

I left work eager to spend this perfect fall evening baking pumpkin bread with the windows open and my music playing. Right now, I’m surrounded by the heavenly smell of pumpkin bread fresh out of the oven. (Have you ever tried Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread mix? Oh, you must if you haven’t. It is simply delicious. And so easy!) I’m taking it to work tomorrow to share with my co-workers, sort of as a Happy Thursday, isn’t-fall-lovely type of thing. I have plans to pick up my favorite Starbucks drink, too: A Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

I’ve got a fall favorite on the menu for tomorrow night, too: I’m going to simmer a pot of Grandma’s Chili in the crock pot all day. I’ll pair it with cornbread warm from the oven. I feel cozy and comforted just thinking about it.

What’s your favorite fall meal?

I’m off to sneak a slice of the pumpkin bread to enjoy while it’s still warm.

I hope your fall night is full of joy and cozy comfort.

One thought on “Comfort + Joy

  1. christy says:

    mmmm, the pumpkin bread was SO yummy! I have so many favorite fall meals :) Chili, baked apples, and butternut squash soup are definitely in my top 10 favorites.

    LOVE the photo.

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