Every blessing You pour out I’ll turn back to praise.

Matt Redman, Blessed Be Your Name

We sang Blessed Be Your Name at church today, and I so enjoyed lifting those lyrics up to the Lord.

My weekend has been full of blessings …

  1. Fall weather with lots of sunshine and cool, crisp nights.
  2. Being with loved ones (my mom and grandmother).
  3. Food to savor and be thankful for—pasta, chocolate pie, hearty soup, pumpkin french toast … (And good food is always made even better when enjoyed with good company (see blessing #2).
  4. An awesome sermon from Pastor Scotty about casting off the old and letting God do His work in us to create something NEW.
  5. Sharing in worship this morning with my mom and grandmother. It meant so much to me to bring them to the church I attend, to sing and worship together, to learn together.
I’m going to leave you with a few lyrics from Jimmy Needham’s song, Hurricane. After hearing Pastor Scotty’s message today, I was reminded of the lyrics. 

I have built a city here 
Half with pride and half with fear 
Just wanted a safer place to hide 
I don’t want to be safe tonight     

I need You like a hurricane 
Thunder crashing, wind and rain 
To tear my walls down 
I’m only Yours now 
I need you like a burning flame 
A wild fire untamed 
To burn these walls down 
I’m only Yours now 
I’m only Yours now 

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