A Few Cold-weather Thoughts


On this cold night, I was blessed to have my community group over for hot soup and other yummies. I made a soup my dad made when I was growing up: pork + shrimp meatball soup. The smell reminds me of home, and it’s the perfect soup for a cold evening. I’ll post the recipe another day, in case you want to cook up a big batch. It’s best when shared with friends and loved ones. :)

As the weather gets colder, I’m loving:

*Hot bowls of soup and spending time with friends and loved ones (see above)

*Cooking and baking: I think I will make these or these this weekend. There’s something about colder weather that makes me want to bake and fill the house with warmth and the delicious flavor of something sweet or savory.

*The order of toastiness

*My fuzzy socks

*Dreaming up lists of books to read and crafts to make

*Warm sweaters and blankets

Where do you find beauty and joy in the colder weather?

Wishing you warmth!

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