Dreaming of Spring

Lately, all I can think about is spring … sweet pastels, bright pops of color, fresh, soft beauty as the world comes back to life …


This pretty mosaic was created with some of the lovely photos that have been catching my eye over at Flickr. I love browsing photos and being creatively challenged.

1. january, 2. On My Desk, 3. entry nook , 4. february, 5. the heart of the matter, 6. in better days, 7. the last one, 8. curling up, 9. Reading, 10. not just good; good-good., 11. White Chocolate Raspberry Granola, 12. Fresh Blooms

And speaking of inspiration and being creatively challenged, I read about this fun little craft the other day and can’t wait to gather a few stacks of magazines, a pair of scissors and my glue stick! Sometimes, it’s fun to tap into our inner child and create without worrying about the end result. Spring’s approach always has me dreaming of creative pursuits …

Ah, yes, I’m ready for spring … ready for weekend afternoons spent reading in the park, fresh flowers perking up my apartment, rainy days spent being cozy indoors and that indescribable feeling of hope that always seems arrive with the season.

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