Art + Decorating

Hello, and happy Saturday to you.

I’m doing a little bit of everything on this beautiful, sunshine-filled Saturday.

My day looks a little like this: Drinking hot peppermint tea (a new favorite), cleaning, baking homemade banana treats, painting + collaging, browsing the Internet for art and decorating inspiration …

It’s busy, yet calm and relaxed, productive yet unhurried—just the way I like to spend a Saturday. :)

I’m hoping to make a quick thrift store run in a little bit, as well, because I want to stock up on an assortment of frames. I love little collections in a home. Books. Art. Knick-knacks that have been artfully arranged. So, I’ve been slowly building and making my own collection of art that I want to display in lovely little clusters around the apartment.

And I’ve found tons of inspiration on blogs (have I mentioned I love blogs!?).

Here’s a little taste of some of the decorating beauty that’s been inspiring me:


{image from Inside a Black Apple}


{image from Inside a Black Apple}

some_girls_2102{image from Inside a Black Apple}

(I love the cross-stitch sampler. So lovely.)


{image from Kelly Rae Roberts}


{image from Haus Maus}

{image from Haus Maus}

(love the little birds!)


{image from Made by Girl

and these vintage  plates at Knack Studios.

I hope you’ve found these collections as inspiring as I have. Visit their sites for more art and decorating goodness. :)

One thought on “Art + Decorating

  1. Meranda says:

    I really like the first one — the frames wrapping around the corner — and the last one — the same shape but tons of different sizes, colors. Maybe I will steal this idea to actually spruce up my apartment walls that can’t be painted. And steal your idea to go to the thrift store for the frames.

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