Lately …


This post is for Christy. She says she doesn’t like checking my blog only to find there’s nothing new. So, Christy, this post is dedicated to you, friend. :)

Right now I’m:

*listening to tunes from Joshua’s Radin’s new CD on his Web site. I am smitten.

*Drinking hot peppermint tea.

*Keeping a box of Kleenex close at hand.

*Wishing this cold would go away. It’s definitely worn out its welcome. (It did the day it arrived, though.)

*Dreaming of creative projects. (I’ve been feeling very creatively inspired lately and have been spending lots of time painting and collaging.)

I’d like to leave you with a short passage from one of my favorite devotionals. There’s a lot of uncertainty in people’s lives these days, and I think this speaks to that uncertainty beautifully:

God often acts contrary to how we think a good God should act. The answer we think we need seems so logical and clear to our way of thinking, yet God does not provide it. That is where real faith comes in. Real faith isn’t the belief that God will do a particular thing; real faith is the conviction that God is good, no matter what He does or how He chooses to answer our prayers. God always has our best in mind, and he works to bring it about, no matter how it may look initially to our way of thinking.

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