Sunday’s message was amazing—it spoke gently and firmly and beautifully.

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5

Lately, my heart is full of anticipation. So many exciting things to explore. Like art making, for example, a hobby I enjoy more and more, one that’s filling my heart with excitement. I plan to open up a little online shop to sell some of my work (mixed media collage paintings and a few other little goodies). I hope to set up shop sometime this summer. This is definitely a stretch for me, and it’s requiring me to have courage. Be brave. I have always been, and felt like, a writer, and in that way, a creative artist. And although I’ve loved and appreciated art for years, I’ve been afraid to venture into that creative pursuit myself.

But I’ve gathered my courage, and now, I’m learning to create visual stories with collage using bits of colorful papers that speak to me, vintage ephemera, photographs, portions of poems I’ve written, and bright colors of paint.

As I  mentioned above, my love for art goes way back, but my interest in collage fully clicked when I took a collage art class at a local art gallery/coffee shop last spring.

This is what I created:


It has a lot of details that are special to me (like images of a postcard my grandpa sent my grandma during World War II, the soaring bird, the words this season of regrowth and pieces of a New York City map.

As I continue on this journey into art making, I’ll be sure to share my work here. :)

What hobbies have you discovered that bring you joy?

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