I’m a writer, editor and journalist who has recently fallen in love with art (and in particular, collage art). After gathering my courage, I’ve decided to pursue this interest seriously by creating often and opening up an Etsy shop later this summer.

So, here I am to document my journey. I’ve read on other artists’ blogs that when they began their journeys, they committed to creating often (like daily or every other day). I’m going to attempt to create every other day, if not daily, even if it’s just a page in my inspiration journal. I want to believe that making art is something I can do, and I want to honor this belief by making an honest effort to actually cut, paste and paint.

I’ll share stories and artwork, here, as well as feature other artists who are inspiring me. This blog will be a home for all things lovely and handmade.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

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