A Bright Blue Day


What about myself, then!

What am I doing, bursting into paint?

I am a writer, I ought to stick to ink.

—D.H. Lawrence

As I continue to explore my desire to create art, I am reminded of this quote (I came across it while reading Foolsgold by Susan G. Wooldridge). I do feel that way sometimes, as I clumsily glue down bits of this and that, choosing paint colors and creating visually. Give me a pen or a computer keyboard, and off I’ll go. But this? It’s intimidating. It’s unknown. But … it’s also exhilarating. And lately, I’ve been learning that the unknown often can turn out to be quite beautiful.

What scares you? Is there something you’ve been yearning to try, but you’re afraid to take that first step? Definitely give it a try! You never know where your courage will lead you.

I’m still waiting to see where mine will take me, but so far, I can tell you the journey has stretched and shaped me and made me want to keep traveling down this path.

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