::Inspired:: By Artist Flora S. Bowley


1. swallows, 2. Artist Flora S. Bowley, 3. loved you all along flora bowley

While browsing on Flickr this weekend, I came across artist Flora Bowley, whose artwork immediately and completely captured my heart. I love her bold use of color and the way her artwork has such a poetic voice.

This is what Flora has to say about her art on her gorgeous Web site: “My paintings are created through many layers of intuitive mark-making,  bold experimentations with color and careful rendering of organic forms. These ‘characters’: wings, sprouts, hives, branches, petals and pods morph into semi-abstract forms and co-mingle with color fields to create new places born of the painting process.”

After looking through her amazing online portfolio, I also found some of her artwork for sale at ArtForte Gallery.

(The images of Flora’s work below are from the Artforte Gallery site. They can be purchased at the ArtForte Gallery Web site.)





A print of Flora’s is definitely going on my wish list! :)

Happy Sunday!

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