I shared this poem over here, but I wanted to share it here, too. God is teaching me a lot about being brave lately, and I’m thankful for all He is showing me about waiting, having faith and being courageous in the face of uncertainty.

I wrote this poem last summer when I belonged to a fun local writing group.



Remember when, in dreams,
you could run and run and run
and suddenly take flight,
hands wide and slicing through the sky,
lungs filling with sunshine?

And if you could,
wouldn’t you step outside now,
under the smudged charcoal sky,
get a running start and soar,
filling your lungs with stars?

Even in sleep,
you used to understand
what it means to be brave
and wildly hopeful.

And if you could,
wouldn’t you find
that wildly hopeful heart now,
and count the beats of its familiar song,
securing the strength to explore
all of the skies in this life?

Other tidbits: Reading a lot lately (I’ve missed getting lost in a good book!); cooking yummy food (I made the yummiest pita pizza tonight with ground turkey, roasted garlic hummus and tomatoes); feeling grateful for the way He is taking care of me, blessing me and loving me lately (especially through the wonderful friends and family members He’s placed in my life).

What’s new with you?

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