The letter K + other random things


Hello, and happy Wednesday! I snapped the above picture this past weekend during a visit with a dear, dear friend. This large, red paint-chipped metal K was just randomly propped up against a telephone pole on the side of the road in the town where she lives. I love unexpected sights like this and the wonder they provoke. You can’t help but wonder why this K is where it is. What’s the story behind it? Who made it? How did it get there? And I think these unexpected surprises are the perfect reminder to pay attention each and every day because you never know what you’ll come across, who you’ll meet, what you’ll learn. And I think God reveals Himself to us daily, if we’ll only seek Him.

I recently signed up for this e-newsletter because it’s all about how God speaks to us on a daily basis. When I went to explore a few of author Leigh McLeroy’s past letters, I came across this post. I, too, am a lover of mugs, so I related to her musings on the beauty and uniqueness of a new handcrafted mug. She goes on to say:

“God’s creativity is so limitless that he has never – not once! – in the creation of bodies and souls crafted the same one twice. For all our similarities, we are different down to the contours of our fingerpads and the tiniest ridges of our minds. The desires of our hearts, the gifts we bear, the abilities we possess and the visible reflection we make in the mirror – these are unique. No two alike, anywhere, ever. Even every sunrise is different, and no two stars or strawberries are alike.”

That’s a beautiful reminder, isn’t it?

You can read more, here.

I think I’m really going to enjoy her newsletter. It’s called Wednesday Words, and here’s a blurb from her site to explain it:

Wednesday words is Leigh’s weekly e-newsletter reflection on her world – an unapologetic attempt to use the events of daily life to show the beauty and truth of the gospel. In 500 words or so (short enough to be read over a cup of morning coffee!) Wednesday words prods, inspires, teaches and encourages.

In addition to photographing the random metal K, I painted pottery with my friend to celebrate my upcoming birthday. I painted a tall container that I plan to use to hold kitchen utensils. I’ll post a photo here when it’s back from the kiln. In the meantime, enjoy these handcrafted beauties I found at Flickr.


1. Injecting some color, 2. *, 3. lined up, 4. teaser: “K”, 5. Organic Nesting Bowls, 6. odd view, 7. Little Bowls, 8. Listening to Gwendolyn Mok’s recording of Ravel’s piano works—a nice start to the day., 9. Stoneware Bowl…Salsa

I love the beauty of handcrafted pottery. I can’t wait to see how my piece turns out.

Enjoy your week. And don’t forget to pay attention to all of the little random things in your world.

2 thoughts on “The letter K + other random things

  1. Sharon says:

    Sounds like a lovely birthday Katie! Hope you’ll post a photo of your painted pottery when you get it! My dad makes pottery and gives me the pieces he deems less than perfect — they are GORGEOUS!

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