A Let’s-catch-up Post

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. But here I am. So, let’s catch up. How have you been? Did you have a lovely Thanksgiving? I enjoyed mine.

We ate plenty of goodies, including this baked pumpkin stuffed with apples and raisins and cranberries.

And I made little table cards for everyone. There was much talking and laughing, (and eating of course!), as well as a little movie-watching, too.

Life has been quite busy lately, but I’ve had moments of quiet, as well. And it’s in those moments that I’m learning to trust God even more with each and every detail. I continue to work on surrendering, and as I give each question to Him, I ask for patience and peace, as well as anticipation for how He will answer.

P.S. Happy December 1. I scrolled back through this little blog of mine to see what I was doing and thinking and feeling last year on this day. As it happens, I wrote on trust that day, including a short quotation from a daily devotional I was reading. It said: God knows exactly what we need, and He promises to provide it through His abundant grace and mercy.

How beautiful that He speaks to me even through the blog I write. I’ll be holding on to those words today.

Wishing you joy and peace, as you head into December.

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