Decking the Halls

Just a quick hello to share a few holiday decor photos. My days and evenings have been filled with holiday decorating and Christmas-card writing. (Throw in a bit of pumpkin spice coffee and sprinkled shortbread cookies, too.)

One of my favorite decorations this season

My grandmother gave me one of her mother’s blue glass Ball jars. I put a few branches in it, and I love the end result.

My nights have been spent snuggled under plenty of blankets reading—I finally got curious and picked up the Twilight series. I sheepishly admit that I am hooked now and almost halfway through the third book.

Do you have a favorite holiday decoration? What’s the story behind it?

Well, I’m off to fix a big mug of hot chocolate. It’s way too cold for my liking today.

One thought on “Decking the Halls

  1. carmen says:

    oh i like the idea and simplicity of the branches in the antique jar. you remember megan from the HOW team, right? she used to have a “christmas stick” that she’d wrap with white yarn and essentially do the same thing. it was really cute but my favorite part was that she called it her christmas stick!

    i’m glad to see you’re able to decorate your new little home. whenever i think about you staying with your grandma, i always think of Rory from Gilmore Girls when she stayed in her grandparent’s pool house. did you ever watch that show? I’m fairly certain you’d love it!


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