My heart feels like a Saturday morning …

daydreams flutter around and fill up my head … {Joy Williams}

I’ve been loving the sunshine and spring-like weather so much. I made a lovely spring mix to listen to that’s filled with good tunes by Joy Williams, Meredith Andrews, JJ Heller and The Civil Wars. My fingers have been itching to paint and collage. I’ve been daydreaming of words to write, and I’ve been eagerly exploring new career possibilities.

I also recently discovered a brilliant new writer, Kate Morton. I found myself completely swept up in her book The Forgotten Garden, and I can’t wait to read the other book she’s written called The House at Riverton.


I love this photo of author Kate Morton at what, I assume, is her writing desk. I’m absolutely smitten with the adorable gray vest she’s wearing and what looks like a painted picnic table desk. Kate loves and writes about some of the things that have captured my imagination since I was a little girl: “crumbly old houses, lonely libraries, forgotten gardens, discovered diaries …”

Reading Kate’s deliciously engaging novel has inspired me to want to begin writing fiction again. On her Web site, Kate offers the following advice to aspiring novelists:

I spend a lot of time before I start the actual writing dreaming up my characters and plot. I read everything I can get my hands on around the subject so that the world of my story begins to take shape. I like to imagine that the story is already out there, that it happened to real people, and it’s my job to uncover it rather than to make it up. I scribble ideas that may come to nothing, I daydream about my characters, I fill my head with the world, atmosphere, aesthetic, music, smells, voices of the story I want to lose myself inside, and then, suddenly, all the disparate jigsaw pieces start to link up. My advice would be to allow your idea the time to gestate—if it feels real to you, it will feel real to your reader, too.

I love that and have a feeling I might just take her advice and start daydreaming …

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. {Johann Wolfgang von Goethe}

One thought on “My heart feels like a Saturday morning …

  1. carmen says:

    Ohh…I hope this means you’re going to do some fiction writing?! That would be absolutely lovely. Please keep updating…I’m eager to hear how life is treating you and what you’re up to :)

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