Vintage-inspired Fridays*

Hi, everyone! I’m in the process of adding a few new features to A Place to Dwell, and this is the first one I’m introducing. :-) On Vintage-inspired Fridays, you can expect to see lots of vintage goodies posted (both mine and pretty finds I’ve spotted elsewhere). I’ll share vintage home decor, as well as vintage fashion inspiration. Should be lots of fun and pretty as can be! :-)

The little red sewing case above is a recent find of mine — it was rescued from my grandma’s garage.

Another recent find is a lovely purple typewriter I’ve started calling Olivia. (Might seem silly to name a typewriter, but I figure people name their cars all the time, so why not name a typewriter?). :-)

I’ll be back soon to share more new features.

Happy Friday (and happy treasure hunting!),


2 thoughts on “Vintage-inspired Fridays*

  1. Kristin B. says:

    Love this addition! And yay that you have a new typwriter. :) How did you get the cool, vintage-y dark edge around the photo? Is it a PS action?

  2. K says:

    Thanks, Kristin! :) Because I’m currently without Photoshop (boo!), I use the site picnik. They have all kinds of actions. You just upload a photo, click the action you’d like, and voila! :)

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