New Feature: HeARTed

Hello, all! Back to share another new blog feature: HeARTed. Art of all kinds inspires me, and this new feature will be the perfect place for me to share everything I currently heart. :) HeARTed features will include visual art, writing, music, etc.— anything that’s inspiring me. I also hope to include artist Q&As occasionally, too.

First HeARTed feature: Nan Lawson

I absolutely adore this little autumn girl pen-and-ink drawing. If I could be a drawing, this is the one I would choose! :)

A bookish print—what’s not to love?  :) Speaking of reading, what’s on your fall reading list? I need to compile one, and I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to reading as the days get shorter and the air gets chillier!

No comment necessary for this one. :)

Nan also does custom work of couples/families/their pets, and they are quite charming, too. Wouldn’t that be a sweet wedding or anniversary gift for someone??

Visit her Etsy site, here, to see more of her artwork. You can stop by her website, here. Enjoy!

See you again here soon,


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