HeARTed: Autumn Edition

{Totally in love with this rug by Thomas Paul.}

It would be a beautiful addition to my bedroom. :)

{Music by Little & Ashley}

They’re on my fall playlist. So lovely! What’s on yours?

Caramel lattes (made with soy or rice milk) Yum! Might I also recommend the Pumpkin Spice and Toffee lattes @ Starbucks? Double Yum. :)

{Elsie’s Photojournals e-course}

I’m having so much fun gathering supplies to make a few mini-albums inspired by the ideas in Elsie’s Photojournals e-course. I envision many cozy fall nights ahead (with mugs of hot apple cider to fuel the creative process!). :)

{photo credit: K is for Calligraphy}

I’ve been charmed by calligraphy lately, and as mentioned in my 27 Things List, I’d love to sign up for a class!

What’s inspiring you lately?

Happy Autumn,


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