Painting + Pumpkins + Possibilities, Oh My!

::Love this:: From Kal Barteski’s blog (

Signed up for my first-ever craft show today, which means the month of October is going to be filled with lots of art making.

Today, I’m getting ready for a little Happy Autumn get-together I’m hosting at my place tonight. There will be apple slices and warm caramel dip, mugs of hot apple cider, cake, and other lovely fall favorites.

P.S. I’ll be back sometime tomorrow with my *Vintage-inspired Fridays* post. I have a few pretty milk glass pieces to share with you. I’ll show you how I’m using them in my fall decor. :)

Happy Saturday!


One thought on “Painting + Pumpkins + Possibilities, Oh My!

  1. Kristin B. says:

    Love that quote! I should remember know how I feel about painting. Also, I haven’t forgotten we have to pick a place to meet this weekend.

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