Vintage-inspired Fridays* Milkglass

I’m sorry I’m a week late with this post. It has been an incredibly hectic week! Whew! :)

As promised (and better late than never), here’s my milkglass post:

I think milkglass is completely lovely and charming, so I enjoy incorporating it in my decor. For the fall season, I’ve decided to use my milkglass fruit bowl to hold mini pumpkins. (The fruit bowl belonged to my grandmother.)

And this pretty milkglass plate is a $5 thrift store find. Because I normally keep fruit in my fruit bowl (makes sense, eh?), I often keep fresh tomatoes on the plate. But since my fruit bowl currently is filled with mini pumpkins, I’ve decided to keep fresh fruit on the plate.

(For my fall party, I served sliced apples on it and kept a pan of warm caramel on the stove, so guests could fill their bowls with the apple slices and caramel. mmm.)

So there you have it. Some of my favorite fall decorations and vintage treasures. :)

Happy Friday!



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