Vintage-inspired Friday (Saturday)

Hello, and Happy Saturday! Because it’s a stay-inside-kind-of-day, I’ve surrounded myself with paints, paper, fabric, markers, etc. I’m creating artwork for the craft fair I’ll be participating in during the month of November (and doing a little art journaling, as well).

I’ve been meaning to share a few vintage treasures I got for my birthday. And I finally got around to photographing them, so I’m excited to share them with you today.

{treasure #1: 1950s etched drinking glasses}

About a month ago, I explored a charming antique shop with my mom (it was housed in a 200-year-old one-room schoolhouse!). While we were there, a set of nine teal drinking glasses caught my eye and stole my heart. I left without them, though, so she surprised me with them on my birthday!

{treasure #2: 1923 autograph book}

She also surprised me with this autograph book dated 1923 (another treasure I was admiring during our antique shop adventure). The writing inside is feathery and romantic—just like old writing typically is. (Penmanship used to be so much more beautiful than it is now, don’t you think? A lost art, I suppose.) My mom got me this beautiful book to use in my collage artwork, but I can’t bear to cut it apart, so I’ve decided to use it to create a mini-album or art journal. Most of the left-hand pages are blank, which leaves room for photos, journaling, etc.

Well, I think I’ll get back to my creating. Have a lovely evening!


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