Yesterday, I spent the day brunching, antiquing, and catching up with my friend Kristin. Because we no longer live in the same city, it had been more than a year and half since I last saw her! (Way too long!) So, we picked a small town about halfway between our two cities and planned a day of exploring and vintage treasure hunting.

I met up with Kristin, her husband Paul, and their adorable four-month old little girl at a small diner near the highway, where we chatted and, of course, enjoyed some delicious food. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the little shops and antique malls downtown.

I’m kind of wishing I would have taken the teal suitcase home with me, but I did come home with two vintage treasures: a white Avon owl and a charming black-and-white photo of a woman in a big fancy hat.

In addition to stacks of colorful suitcases, I spotted quite a few typewriters. I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos. :)

We also stopped for coffee at the cutest little coffee place. I got my regular, of course: a caramel soy latte. :)

It was the perfect afternoon.


Right now, I’m taking a break from painting and listening to a newly discovered band, The Ember Days. (Really loving the song Dreaming!)

Aren’t these lyrics lovely?

As dreams turn to hopes
And hope turns to prayers
Dreams come true

Before I sign off for the evening, let me leave with you with a verse of scripture that’s been on my heart the last few days.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

Hope your Sunday has been beautiful and blessed,


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