Art Show Update

Last weekend’s art show was lovely…

It was a bit intimidating to share my art at a show for the first time … but it turned out to be a wonderful day and an excellent learning experience.

I really enjoyed designing my table. I used some of my favorite vintage treasures to help showcase my art: my great aunt’s vintage red sewing case, my plum typewriter, a sweet little milk glass jar (to hold business cards), two drawers from a library card catalogue, and the vintage yard stick my grandfather used to build my grandparent’s house (also to display business cards). A dear friend let me borrow her charming little blue train case, too, and it was the perfect addition to my table.

The day was filled with goodness: a heavenly caramel soy latte to start the day; meeting artists and craft show attendees; enjoying an amazing BBQ chicken ranch pizza at lunch; and a little end-of-the-day treat for myself: a beautiful antiqued brass headband (an oak tree leaf).

My Sunday has been fairly quiet so far…a little cleaning and laundry, and doing a little bit of prep work for my Sketchbook Project.

Wishing you a lovely day,


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