Crafty Q&A: Selective Potential

Hi, everyone! I’m back with a new Crafty Q&A with the sweet and stylish Tieka of Selective Potential. Enjoy! :)

Tell us a little bit about Selective Potential and how you got started blogging.

Selective Potential has been a place where I can have fun with my personal style and document my life with adventures and trips. I started blogging in September 2009 after losing 35 pounds. I, all of a sudden, had a new body and no idea how to dress it! So I did some online researching, stumbled on some fashion blogs and have been hooked ever since!

2010Dec28_0053 DSC_9696

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is very defined by the seasons and my settings. I love to match a location or a theme to my outfit — so planning ahead is a big deal with my personal style! I’m very much girly — I love florals, bows, flats, tights, but I also have a grunge-edge that likes to sneak out every once in a while — with a bomber leather jacket, ripped tights or lace up boots. Mixing the two is perfect and definitely explains my background in matching outfits to places. I live in a small beach town just 40 minutes from a gorgeous city, so it makes sense I have a small town style with an urban edge.

Do you have an all-time favorite outfit you’ve styled?

My favorite outfit that I’ve styled that perfectly describes me is probably Floral Grunge. It has my favorite floral-sleeved dress, opaque black tights, a chunky belt and my beloved Jeffrey Campbell lace-up boots. It’s the perfect combination of girly and grunge — which is the look I feel most comfortable in!

What are your fashion must-haves?

I adore sleeved dresses. I can’t imagine my closet without them. I wear them in every season! I also can’t imagine my closet without lace up boots, chunky belts and cardigans. You can mix and match those in a million different ways.


Any advice for readers who are interested in discovering and developing their own styles?

If you like a certain style on someone else, try it on you! If you don’t like it on you, move on. I love strapless dresses on other girls, but I cannot for the life of me pull it off, so I stay away because I’ve learned my lesson. Be true to your body type and your own sense of style — don’t follow trends because they are trends. If you want to follow a trend, follow it because you love it! The more you experiment with your style, the more you’ll learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

1. August 7 2010 9, 2. Happy September 1st!, 3. Millicent Launches Forth, 4. 18th July 2010 7, 5. Not available, 6. 60s bob with bangs, 7. Not available, 8. Not available, 9. Not available, 10. Not available, 11. Fall, 12. november 10, 13. 4 December 2010 – Batwings and Belted Scarves, 14. Fall, 15. Easter Sunday, 16.November 7th, 17. Rainy Sunday, 18. november 9, 19. August 29, 20. Shabby Apple Giveaway

To give you all an example of discovering and developing your own style, I made this inspiration mosaic to share with Tieka. It showcases a variety of looks that inspire me. I also shared some of my favorite personal outfit photos (below).

Here’s what Tieka had to say about my style:

Katie’s style is very girly, classic and vintage-inspired. Between bright colors, boots, floral patterns and vintage-inspired elements, you can easily define Katie’s style just by her outfit choices or her favorite outfits from other bloggers. If you can’t figure out your style, make a collage of your favorite outfits — yours and your favorite bloggers or style icons. Once you have them all together, you’ll easily be able to see what your favorite items are and how they are worn. It makes shopping so much easier if you know you love outfits paired with boots, or you like a bright pop of color in tights, some chunky belts and a vintage-inspired dress. Once you have the “ideal” outfit down that describes “your” style, you’ll easily be able to recreate other outfits that are similar and wa-la, you have your own personal style!

During the cold winter months, it can be difficult to put together cute, cozy outfits. Any suggestions for creating a functional (and warm!), but stylish winter wardrobe?


First, my biggest tip for dressing during the cold winter months is to put together your outfit the night before. For me, in the dark, cold winter mornings — I am so uninspired, tired and just ready to wear my pajamas out the door. I always put together an outfit the night before, and I always keep in mind that I’m going to be tired, cranky and cold. I am always thinking about layers. Like tonight, I just put together my outfit for tomorrow.. and I really wanted to wear this cute open-back floral dress, but it’s 20 degrees here! So I paired it with some sweater tights, a chunky cardigan, a belt and matching shoes and even laid out my accessories — long necklaces and a chunky beaded ring! Tomorrow morning, I’ll force myself to wear it…and not only will I have a warm, cozy outfit, but it’ll be cute and styled while I was inspired!

Any tips for achieving chic style on a budget?

I would highly recommend thrifting if you’re on a budget. When I first started my style blog, I was in college full-time and working only part-time, and we didn’t have money to maintain my love for my blog and wanting to feature new outfits all the time! I would scour our local Goodwill for any cute print or pattern and see what I could do with it. My favorite thing to do now is to buy old lady skirts that are stretchy, pull them up as dresses, belt them, throw on a cardigan, pair some tights and boots… and I’m all set. Most skirts you can buy for $2-$4, and they can make a really cute dress! Think about items differently, like a dress that’s too short can be worn as a top with a cute skirt over it. Thrifting can lead to amazing old belts and shoes — try layering old thrifted belts or vintage jewelry. Be creative and think outside the box! Try a million options on in the mirror. Everything helps!

And just for fun: Share three random facts about yourself. :-)

Ooh, fun! I’m a total nail-biter, my hair is naturally curly and I could eat half a confetti cake by myself. ;]

Visit Tieka’s blog, Selective Potential, for much more style inspiration. And you can follow her on Twitter, here.

Thanks so much for participating in this Q&A, Tieka! :)

I hope you all had as much fun reading this, as I did putting it together. And between Carmen’s Q&A and this Q&A with Tieka, I feel super inspired this week.

P.S. How would you describe your style? Leave me a comment describing your personal style, or link to your Flickr account or blog, if you post photos of your outfits there.

Happy Tuesday!


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5 thoughts on “Crafty Q&A: Selective Potential

  1. Amber Rose says:

    What a lovely interview! It’s fun to see how different bloggers’ styles can be so different even when they have elements of one another!

    I would describe my personal style as romantic, vintage-inspired, and a tad 60s mod. I love lace, florals, but I also love the crisp lines and punchy colors of Modernism. Plus, the 1960s is where I draw my inspiration from!

    On a random note, I really like the name of your blog. “A Place To Dwell”.. Sounds like something I really want to paint on my bedroom wall now! :)

  2. K says:

    Thanks, Amber Rose! :) Your style sounds lovely.

    And thanks so much for the blog title love. The name “A Place to Dwell” was inspired by my all-time favorite quote by Emily Dickinson: “I dwell in possibility.” And I believe if it were a paint color, it would be just the right mix of cozy, relaxing, and inspiring. :)

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