Crafty Q&A: BD Photography

Hi, everyone! I’m here to share my newest Crafty Q&A with Bridgette of BDPhotography. She captures so many beautiful moments—you’ll definitely be inspired by her work! Enjoy! :)

Tell us a little bit about your photography business, BD Photography, and how you got started.

BDphotography is a special place in my world where i get to meet families, couples, seniors, delicious little newborns, and cool single people. i get to be a grown up, which means accepting and being myself, unapologetically, and it’s turning out that some people actually respect and dig that me. i also get to be a kid with the kids i chase with my camera; i get to feel butterflies with my young love clients; i get to learn from great parents and capture the special bonds in their family; and i get to be motivated by confident young people that are excited about the future.

i’m not a business woman. i bought my camera with intentions of being able to have good quality pictures of my family, so i could remember the life that was whizzing past me at a dizzying pace. it just so happened that i’m frugal, and the camera cost a lot more than i felt comfortable spending without justification. so, i decided that i would try doing a few shoots for friends or family for a little bit of cash to pay us back what was spent. i hoped i could stay busy for a few weeks or so and be done. but with the ease of sharing on social media, my friends posted their pics, and then their friends started sending me requests, and then their friends, until there was this crazy snowball, and i suddenly had a photography career. i think that was 3 years ago, and i still sometimes feel like people are giving me too much credit, or that i’m not qualified to be doing this. but oh my gosh, there a million things i love about it, and i’m discovering new stuff every day, so if you’ll have me, i’m yours!

{photo by ©Tara Clark Photography}

What kind of camera do you use/what are your photography must-haves?
i’m a very bare bones kinda girl when it comes to tech goodies. i have that same basic entry level Nikon DSLR still, and i hope she lives forever. i don’t often change glass, as i’m so comfortable with the 18-55mm kit lens that came with my bundle. a big occupational hazard in this industry is becoming addicted to upgrading, because there is always a newer camera body or lens or just-released version of your editing software. i’ve been able to avoid that habit pretty well, and predict my nikon will quit on me before i quit on her ;)

my true must-haves are natural light and a willing subject. i can even work on the willing part if need be.

Any fun or touching anecdotes to share from recent photo shoots?
i’m super sarcastic and like to find the funny in every situation. inevitably, there’s always a take-away line for me from every shoot. whether it’s something a client has said to me, or an interaction between themselves. i find myself laughing at my computer days later, alone and editing, replaying the quote in my head. they are all inside jokes/you had to be there kinda things, but in general, observing the relationships my subjects have is always a blessings—something to learn from and cherish. when you get to pull yourself out of your own world, and glimpse into someone else’s, it gives you a chance to stop and smell the roses so to speak.

What inspires you?
the super power of being able to freeze time! i’m notorious for my bad memory. it’s quite annoying to my friends, family and myself. but what i’ve discovered is that photography effectively gives me a “pause button for life.” and then once a moment or stage or hairstyle or relationship is captured, you can press rewind whenever you like to remember and relive those fleeting days. for me, that’s absolutely priceless.

What’s next for BD Photography? Any creative dreams on your heart currently?

hmm, well… i’m not much of a planner. i’m more of the “whatever happens, happens” philosophy. it makes things so exciting because you never know what’s around the corner. and i have to say, thus far, it’s worked out very well for me. when i was a teenager, i had specific ignorant naive opinions and plans that all {THANK GOD!} went down the drain when i was given an amazing man that i thought i didn’t need. turns out, i’ve been married to him for 9 1/2 years, and we have 2 gorgeous girls who are our living sunshines. i never expected this life and had planned pretty much the opposite, but i’m confident now that would have been a disaster. so, i’ve learned that when i stop trying to be in control, God does a much better job of laying out my life than i could. final shocking case-in-point… on my wedding day, i decided that we should celebrate our 10 year anniversary with an extravagant 2nd wedding vow renewal ceremony, or go on an international 2nd honeymoon vacation, and as of recent years, I thought our celebration should include a fabulous trash the dress photography session for this old bride and groom. neither of us dreamed that our 6 and 8 year old daughters would be getting a new baby brother or sister instead!!!

{photo by Sheila of}

my creative dream is just to continue to follow this photography path as long as it’s working. I absolutely LOVE meeting so many people and intertwining my life with theirs. i’m so grateful for that. who knows how it will all play out, but it’s such a fun ride. for me, photography isn’t a talent or skill that i studied and honed and invested or earned my way into with hard work. i humbly understand that it is a gifting, which is always for divine purpose, and my challenge is to make sure i continue to find ways to honor that.

{photo by Sheila of}

Share three random facts about yourself. :)
1}when i was in 6th grade, my best friend and i thought we would become millionaires with our invention of pickle juice popsicles.
2}i prefer dinner foods for breakfast consistently. chili or lasagna beats scramble eggs every time.
3}having someone invite me over for home cooked food is better than any present you could wrap.

3.5}even if i weren’t pregnant, these facts would all still be food related :)

Thanks so much for participating, Bridgette! Visit her website, BDPhotography, to see more of her work and follow along on her photography adventures.

3 thoughts on “Crafty Q&A: BD Photography

  1. Bridgette {BDphotography} says:

    thanks for having me katie!!! love that you are inspiring and supporting creatives all around you. i want to make sure that credit is given to the photographer’s that created the images of me as well. the portrait of me with my beloved Nikon is ©Tara Clark Photography and my quirky trash the dress inspired pics were from a fun day with friend and colleague Sheila of big thanks to both of those ladies who I love and adore.

  2. K says:

    Thanks, Bridgette! I’ve added those photo credits to the post. :) And thanks again for participating! I’m so glad you like the feature.

  3. Chuck Meadors says:

    Fun article to read beautifully done. Two very talented ladies sharing their gifts. Great interview and well written. Keep giving, you are making your world a beautiful place.

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