HeARTed: Soul Mantra Lockets

The Soul Mantra Lockets by Liz Lamoreux are so charming and inspiring—just perfect for a HeARTed feature. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, they’d make a lovely present for someone, don’t you think? Or perhaps a little treat for yourself? :) Being a writer, I’m especially drawn to the Write Your Truth locket shown below. I’ve posted some of my other favorites, as well. The phrases Liz chooses are perfect and really speak to me… I am Brave … Live in Wonder …

* EDIT * I had to post just one more image …

This And So I Fly locket has special meaning for me, since I just completed The Sketchbook Project, and my theme was In Flight. Wow. It’s so exciting to find connections with others’ art. :)

{ all images by Liz Lamoreux }

It’s been snowing all day today, and although I’m truly ready for spring, I have to admit that it’s beautiful out there. (Driving in it today, however, was not so beautiful.) haha

~I hope your weekend has been lovely so far.~

{ K }

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