HeARTed: Brooke Schmidt’s Artwork & Photograpy

Last weekend, I discovered Brooke Schmidt’s art via an interview on the blog Persisting Stars. I was immediately drawn to her mixed media work and photography.

Brooke creates mixed media pieces using old books and found objects (swoon!).

The colors and words she works with are just lovely. The deep inky indigo of the book above reminds me of a summer’s night sky.

Brooke gives new life to discarded books, which is something I enjoy doing with my own collage work. Aren’t the colors and textures of these old books wonderful? So much possibility just waiting on this shelf…

Learn more about Brooke and follow along on her art-making adventures via her blog Always Time for Tea.

Other links: Her FlickrHer Etsy Shop

Hope your day is * i  n  s  p  i  r  e  d *

{ K }

3 thoughts on “HeARTed: Brooke Schmidt’s Artwork & Photograpy

  1. DJ says:

    Hello Brooke. I really enjoy your piece titled “All Sorts and Conditions of Men”. May I ask you what gave you the inspiration to construct this piece and what it means to you?

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