HeARTed: Ceramic Poetry by Kylie Johnson

Today, I discovered Kylie Johnson’s work over at Decor8. With her ceramic poetry, it was love at first sight, and I’ve spent the evening exploring her blog. Kylie’s work inspires the poet, storyteller, and dreamer in me. It makes me want to pull out my journal or sketchbook and capture the lyrical strands of words and phrases that play in my mind. It makes me want to cover a canvas in paint and paper, building a story with each color and layer.

Kylie has two books of published poetry, as well, and they look unbelievably lovely. I guess Anthropologie used to sell her books, but sadly, I was unable to find them on the website. (They are, however, selling some of her beautiful ceramic poetry creations.) If you discover any U.S. shops selling her books, please do let me know. :-) I’d love to purchase one of them. They look like they would be the perfect Saturday-morning companion—in addition to a caramel latte, of course. ;-)

I’ve included images of some of her gorgeous work and photography below. I hope you, too, are inspired by her words and artwork.

{all photography from Kylie’s blog, Instinct and Grace}

Hope your evening is lovely,


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