*For the LOVE of letters & words

Royal Writing


I want to watch,

letter by letter,

comma by comma,

the discovery of myself through writing.

I want to dig deep,

unearth the buried pieces,

open up a little more with each pen stroke

and find the center of myself.

I want to make my writing mine,

feel what it means, is, can be —

for me.

I want to find my true writer’s voice,

the one that surfaces every now and then.

I want to find her, welcome her, celebrate her.


I don’t normally post my poetry here, but I thought I’d start sharing a little here and there. :)

Letter Love


Well-loved Royal

Well, I’m off to run errands in the beautiful spring weather we’ve been blessed with today. Then, I’ll be playing with words + color, in the hopes of creating something new.

x’s & o’s,

{ K }

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