Women Praying Boldly Initiative: Will You Join Us?

{You can find this beautiful Pray printable by Taidye Original, here.}

My friend Carmen is kicking off an awesome prayer initiative over at her blog, Life Blessons. The focus is women coming together and praying about their desire for marriage.

Here’s what Carmen writes about Women Praying Boldly:

When I was single, it became a very large burden on my heart to pray about finding a godly man. I truly believe that because I prayed so earnestly and brought that desire to the Lord, that he answered my prayers and wove my love story within months.

I also believe that we not only should pray these things (meaning, godly desires of any kind!) for ourselves but also for one another. Because I saw how that prayer worked so miraculously in my own life, I make it a point to continue to pray for women I know who have that same desire.

And I’d like to take this opportunity to reach out to any of the readers here who would like to share in that, as well.

Here’s what I propose: I would love to start a Women Praying Boldly initiative (taken from Candice Watter’s book Get Married) here on this blog. If you are interested in praying for a godly husband and want others to rally around you in prayer, then fill out this form here with your contact information

* * *

I’m really excited to be a part of this initiative, and I think it will be so inspiring to see the way God works in the lives of all who participate. I truly believe in the power of prayer, and I think it’s even more powerful when we join together with other believers in prayer.

You can read more about the Women Praying Boldly Initiative, here.

I hope you’ll join us.


3 thoughts on “Women Praying Boldly Initiative: Will You Join Us?

  1. carmen @ life blessons says:

    hey, thanks for posting this on here!! i’m excited to start this up online and really looking forward to see what God does with this. i’ve gotten quite a few notes from other women who said this was just what they needed so i am eager to see what God has up his sleeve for it!!

    p.s. i like the new header!

  2. Jaclyn Rae says:

    I’ll join you! I love this post & I’m so excited to participate! :)

    PS- I got your email & will get the info back to you sometime this week. Thanks K!

  3. K says:

    @Jaclyn Rae–Oh, I’m so glad you’re going to participate, Jaclyn Rae! I’m really excited to see how God works in all of our lives. :)

    @Carmen–Definitely! Was excited to post on my blog. Thanks for putting this together. And thanks for the feedback about my new header. I get bored with my layout fairly often.

    P.S. I’ve been wondering, how did you create that cute ribbon in your header? I’ve seen various blogs with those on photos, sidebars, banners, etc., and I think they’re super cute.

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