Crafty Q&A: Jaclyn Rae of Polka Dot Teapot

It’s been a while since I posted a Crafty Q&A, and I’m really excited to share this next one with you all. I fell in love with Jaclyn Rae’s blog the moment I saw it. It’s an uplifting, beautifully inspiring place. I can always count on her to lift my spirits, inspire me, and encourage me in my faith.  Enjoy! :)

Tell us a little bit about your blog, Polka Dot Teapot, and how you got started blogging.

The blog is named after my grandma, who loved teapots, because she inspires me to be a better woman. My grandma was the most enchanting person I’ve ever met. She loved everyone and always gave without asking for anything in return. She truly radiated God’s love, and I think the world needs more people like that.  

 I started blogging because it’s cathartic. It allows me to rewrite pain as something poetic and beautiful, and I find that very healing. I continue to write because I want to connect with others and celebrate our hope in Christ.

If you had to describe your blog in three words, what three words would you choose?

Hopeful. Cheerful. Encouraging.  (That’s what I strive for, at least!)


What do you love most about blogging?

I love the blogging community! I never imagined that I could feel so connected and supported by a group of people I’ve never met. I feel blessed to have gained friendships with both like-minded bloggers and bloggers who challenge my ideas. You all bring inspiration and sunshine to my life on a daily basis, and I’m so thankful.  

Your faith really shines through each post you write. Has God taught you anything through your blogging experience?

I’ve learned that God responds when I’m intentional about spending time with Him and regularly taking an inventory of my heart. He has also taught me that it’s okay to admit that I struggle and make mistakes… And it’s okay to be vulnerable with people. Sometimes the greatest testimony is the person with enough courage to say, “I’ve made lots of mistakes and I can’t change yesterday… But, God, I worship you now.”

Any advice for others who would like to start sharing about their lives and faith on a blog?

I think we’re all artists of some form. If writing or story-telling or ministering to others is your passion, I encourage you to pursue it. God uses willing hearts as instruments of love, so don’t be afraid to boldly share your faith with others.

Start today… right now! :)

 What inspires you?

People who love life. 

People who are passionately engaged in the things going on around them.

People who face every day with as much courage and love as they possibly can.  

What’s on your reading list/playlist right now?

Playlist: JJ Heller, Joss Stone, Mozella, Brooke Fraser, Ben Rector, Gungor, Mumford and Sons, Sugarland

Reading: Shauna Niequist, Khaled Hosseini, Beth Moore, C.S. Lewis, Marianne Willamson

I share your desire to pay attention and give thanks for all the beautiful blessings in my life.  What little blessings are you loving lately?

The little blessings I love right now:

– Being able to wake up with sun and go for a run.
– Working less than full-time for the past year, which gave me time to volunteer at 3 of my favorite places.
– Conversations with strangers that make it feel like we’re old friends.
– My sweet 70 year-old church friend knitting me cute hand towels.
– My youngest brother (13) still hugging me in public.
– Opportunities to start over.

What’s next for you and your blog? Any creative dreams on your heart?

Restoring beauty… My latest hobby is thrifting furniture and painting/staining/restoring it. God seems to meet me when I’m painting and it makes me wonder if He wants to restore the beauty in all of us. I’m excited to explore this more.

 “So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.” 2 Corinthians 4:16

Share three random facts about yourself. :)

1. I keep bubbles in the glove box of my car so I can blow them if I get stuck in traffic.

2. I brush my teeth at least 5 times everyday.

3. I can get ready for a cocktail party in under 7 minutes.

Stay in touch with Jaclyn Rae via her blog and twitter

Thanks so much for participating in this Q&A, Jaclyn Rae! :) You’re an inspiration, and I’m so thankful to have met you through blogging.

You can read past Q&As, here. Also, if you have a request for a Crafty Q&A, or are interested in being featured yourself, please contact me at letterbirdart [at] gmail [dot] com.

Hope you all have a beautiful start to your week!


4 thoughts on “Crafty Q&A: Jaclyn Rae of Polka Dot Teapot

  1. says:

    Ahh, so sweet to read. Thank you for the Q&A Jay. Post was spot on about God, love, friendships. I particularly liked the part about writing being cathartic. Perhaps the ability to evolve outcomes through processes much like restoration. Well done girls.


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