I want to create hope & celebrate life.

I recently finished reading Shauna Niequist’s two books, Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet. I really connected with her writing, underlining certain passages and going back to re-read things. Her words spoke to my heart in so many ways.

I share her desire to pay attention to and give thanks for the little things, appreciating the everyday delights I am blessed with. And I, too, believe in the importance and power of storytelling and creating.

I know I’ve mentioned both books in recent posts, but I’d love to share a few passages from Cold Tangerines that I continue to go back to. I’ll share my thoughts on Bittersweet in an upcoming post.

Many of the sections that I starred and underlined in Cold Tangerines were about faith, trust, and truly embracing life as you’re living it — every minute, every hour, every day, every season. And like I’ve shared here before, that’s something I’m continually working on in my own beautifully imperfect life. And every day, I want my faith and hope to increase a little more, knowing that things are unfolding just as they’re meant to.

So, on to a few quotes… :)

“What gives me hope is the belief that God will be faithful, because He has been faithful before, to me and the people around me. I need the reminders. I need to be told that He was faithful then, and then, and then. Just because I have forgotten how to see doesn’t mean it isn’t there. His goodness is there. His promises have been kept. All I need to do is see.”

Keeping a journal helps me to look back and see His faithfulness and allows me to look forward with hope, knowing that He’ll continue to be.

“Life with God at its core is about giving your life up to something bigger and more powerful. It’s about saying at every turn that God knows better than we know, and that His Spirit will lead us in ways that we couldn’t have predicted.”

This quote has been on my heart all week. It’s been nudging me to give up control, trusting that His plan and His timing are perfect.

“I’m learning to just keep moving, keep walking, keep taking teeny tiny steps. And it’s in those teeny tiny steps and moments that I become, actually who I am.”

I love that thought. It’s from a chapter called Writing in Pencil, which I can completely relate to. I am the ultimate planner/daydreamer, always thinking about what’s ahead and what it will look like and what I’ll do when I get there, or there, or there. (See also her chapter called Waiting.) :)

And, finally, I’ll leave you with this last passage:

“I choose to do what I can do to create hope, to celebrate life, and the act of celebrating connects me back to that life I love. We could just live our normal, day-to-day lives, saving all the good living up for someday, but I think today, just plain today, is worth it. I think it’s our job, each of us, to live each day like it’s a special occasion, because we’ve been given a gift. We get to live in this beautiful world. When I live purposefully and well, when I dance instead of sitting it out, when I let myself laugh hard, when I wear my favorite shoes on a regular Tuesday, that regular Tuesday is better.”

So, here’s to plain-old, ordinary days — and here’s to this weekend. I want to appreciate every sweet, simple moment. And every day, like Shauna, I want to ask myself, What can I do today that brings more beauty, more energy, more hope?


3 thoughts on “I want to create hope & celebrate life.

  1. says:

    Dear sweet {K},

    I found this post very inspiring. I thank you so much for sharing it. Some days I wonder why I put myself out there for the world to judge. I wonder if it’s worth it. I question why I write and if I should write although I have written since I can remember. We all have, right? Still, posts like these inspire me to not only continue with creating but to share too. But I think here you even went a little bit farther! I think it’s the faith part that God has and WILL provide. Also I love what you shared about the small tiny steps coloring our blessed daze. Your message is well received today. Thank you.


  2. K says:

    Aw, thank you, Julie. It makes me so happy to know this post inspired you. That’s the reason I write on my blog, so it makes my day every time I hear something spoke to what someone else was feeling or going through. And I completely relate to wondering if you should share your work, but I think it’s so important to create bravely and boldly. The world needs the unique things only you can create and the stories shared that only you can share. Hope you’re having a wonderful week! :)

  3. says:

    I am! I’ve inspired a friend to start a blog and It’s making me over the top happy. She just publshed her first blog post and I feel like I’m watching a child at a recital. So exciting. Thanks for the encouragement. Bold! Bold! Bold! I get so much encouragement from blog friends.

    Thanks again!

    Oh, visit her if you’d like!

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