Women Praying Boldly: A Good Woman

{image from the Good Women Project}

I recently came across the Good Women Project.

The heart of the project’s mission is this: We are seeking to provide a place of trust, honesty, truth and encouragement for both single and married women as we wrestle through life together.

As I was reading their article, Profile of a Good Woman, the section about a good woman recognizing a good man when she sees one really stuck with me.

The article says that a good woman recognizes a good man

Not only because of his full head of hair, the dreaminess of his eyes, the size of his bank account or the breadth of his shoulders.

Instead, she is captivated by his resemblance to The Father

The testimony of his brotherhood

The strength of his character

His courage against opposition

His humility in his flaws

His commitment to growth and learning

His compassion and kindness

His protective arm about her shoulders

His complete acceptance of her story

The light in his eyes whenever she walks into a room

Check out the rest of the article, here.

I wrote the list in my journal to refer to and pray about, as I continue to pray boldly. I’ve also been continuing my month-long reading about the Proverbs 31 woman. Each day that I read through that section, I think the words settle into my heart a bit more.

In this season, I’m so thankful for all I’m learning and look forward to what God will continue to teach me.

Wishing you a beautiful start to your week,

{ k }

3 thoughts on “Women Praying Boldly: A Good Woman

  1. carmen @ life blessons says:

    Love that list and couldn’t agree more. It can be humbling to accept that the best man for you might not be the most handsome one, but the thing I always told myself was that beauty will always fade but a good heart, well you can’t hold a candle to that! Fortunately, I think I got both :)

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