27 Things Recap

As I get ready to write my 28 Things list, I thought it would be fun to do a 27 Things recap.

1. Make more art, and sell my artwork + photography at a local craft show.

I participated in TWO craft shows last year: one in the fall and one in the spring.

2. Join a small group and begin cultivating Biblical community in this new life season.

I’ve been learning a lot about what it means to be part of a church family (more on this in an upcoming post), and I’m just feeling incredibly blessed that the Lord led me to the church He did.

3. Cultivate a stronger prayer life.

I’ve been reinvigorating my prayer life by focusing on passages of scripture, doing more journaling and keeping prayer lists, and joining an online prayer group.

8. Complete The Sketchbook ProjectYou can see my completed pages larger, here, and you can read about my experience participating, here.

11. Wear purple tights. (This is half done… ;-) I own them, but I haven’t worn them yet!)

15. Serve my community.  (Will continue). :)

16. Take weekend trips to see out-of-town friends. (Will continue). :)

17. Do more creative writing. (I won third place for one of my poems in a local show.)

18. Invest in a new computer/creative software.   Yay! Next up on my wish list: some more photography software like Rad Lab and a new camera! All in good time, right? :)

21. Experiment with typography: Take a letterpress class and/or calligraphy class. Invest in some pretty new fonts.  I’ve been downloading some fun free fonts here and there, and I’d also like to purchase some of the beautiful fonts from Wood Type Revival. Wowza, they’re awesome!

24. Read Kate Morton’s new novel The Distant Hours. Completely enchanting! (Dear Kate, please hurry to write another!)

(P.S. You can expect some of my unfinished 27 Things to be making an appearance on the 28 Things list…) ;-)

*  *  *

It’s encouraging to see the adventures and growth opportunities I had this past year. I feel like every year and every season offers us the opportunity to become more and more of the person God knows we can become. I know I still have so much growing and learning to do, but I also know that God is committed to seeing the work He began through to the end.

Hope you’re all having a beautiful, blessed weekend.

{ k }

3 thoughts on “27 Things Recap

  1. K says:

    Jaclyn Rae: You’re the sweetest! :) Thanks for the encouragement!

    Carmen: Thanks for the birthday wishes! I’m looking forward to another year of living out my faith and seeing where God leads. Glad 28 has been good to you so far! :) Here’s to 28!

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