Weekending: Apple Cider & Black-and-white Memories

How did the first weekend in October treat you?

My weekend was low-key and cozy, so I can’t complain. :)

I spent some time dreaming up new ideas for artwork. I worked in my idea journal, sorted through black-and-white photos to see what stories they’d inspire, and enjoyed mugs of hot apple cider, (of course!).

I also already checked something off of my 28 Things list:

10. Make a new pumpkin dish (perhaps a pumpkin lasagna or stuffed shells). I made Pumpkin-Ricotta Stuffed Shells (from a recipe in my newest Country Living magazine).

So, all in all, it was a good fall weekend.

I’ll be back soon to share a scripture selection for the week.

Stay cozy,


2 thoughts on “Weekending: Apple Cider & Black-and-white Memories

  1. K says:

    I think there’s something so charming about black-and-white photos. I treasure my old family photos, too, but I also enjoy rescuing lost photographs from flea markets and antique shops. The photos above are all photos I’ve found at my favorite little antique shop. I love imagining what the story was behind each one. :)

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