Shelter from the Storm

Hello, and Happy Monday!

I’m back from a little weekend getaway with family, feeling refreshed and inspired, after enjoying bright autumn scenery and sunshine, good food, and laughter. While I was away, I had the chance to visit a variety of quaint small-town artsy shops and boutiques. There were so many beautiful works of art to appreciate, but there was one piece of art in particular that caught my eye and stuck with me, even after I returned home. The name of the piece was “Shelter from the Storm,” and it was created by the artist Jan Heath. Her painting was a beautiful landscape of vivid blues and greens. The painting featured two bright green trees that stood swaying gently in the rain, with the larger tree bent protectively over the smaller tree. There was just something about this piece that really spoke to my heart. It made me think of the way God is always with us, always caring for us—in every season, in times of sunshine and times of rain. That truth is something that’s comforted me in all seasons of my life, because whether I find myself discouraged, questioning, wondering, hoping, or celebrating, I know my story is being shaped by the One who created me and loves me more than I can ever imagine.

Seeing and appreciating that beautiful piece of artwork was such a great reminder to me of why I create. When I’m writing or painting, I’m hoping that the finished piece does something in someone else’s heart like the tree painting did in me. I’m hoping that it speaks in some way to who that person is and where they are in their own life, that it would encourage and inspire them in some small way.

* * *

I’m off work today, catching up on laundry, grocery shopping, and all those things that are always left waiting for us while we’re away.

I’ll be back soon to share more photos from my trip, as well as this week’s scripture selection.


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