Hello, December.


In December, I hope to:

*Light a candle each week for Advent and spend some time each day reading scripture and reflecting on what it means to be living the Advent season.

*Make this Let Your Heart Be Light glitter banner for my home.

*Visit my favorite vintage store (they go all out with vintage Christmas decorations).

*Host a cookie-baking party (and bake Chocolate Cherry [or Strawberry] Cookie Drops.
(What’s your favorite holiday cookie recipe?)

*Watch Christmas movies.
(What’s your favorite? I’ll add it to my list!)

*Make some meaningful handmade Christmas gifts.
(Check out A Beautiful Mess for some great ideas!)

*Document the season with picture-taking and art journaling.

*Enjoy time off work.

*Approach the holidays with this in mind: to choose quality over quantity, meaning over mania, people over pressure, relationship over rushing (from Shauna Niequist).

*Go ice skating (it’s been years!) or sled riding.

*Make hot cocoa.

*Visit some of the cute towns nearby that have sweet little downtown areas that get all decked out for Christmas.

What are your December plans/traditions?


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