Keeping Cozy (Bringing Back the Order of Toastiness)

{print from The Tiny Hobo Etsy Shop}

I love anything you can describe as cozy (and if you’re a regular reader of this blog, that statement certainly comes as no surprise!).

I’m already celebrating all things cozy this winter. On Monday, I spent a gray winter morning enjoying warm cinnamon rolls and mugs of pumpkin spice coffee with a friend. It was such a blessing.

A few winters ago, I posted about the Order of Toastiness, and I think this winter, I shall bring it back.

 This Winter’s Order of Toastiness List:

*The glittery light from my small white Christmas tree
*Mugs of any of the following: hot cocoa piled with marshmallows, coffee, lattes, apple cider, tea
*The Civil Wars station on Pandora
*Lots of blankets

What are you loving as the weather gets colder?

P.S. I said goodbye to my blonde hair, and hello to auburn for the winter months. Change is good. ;)

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