12 Photos/Memories from 2011

A little Year in Review Recap inspired by Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess:

(I did a similar recap last year.)

January: After months of working on my sketchbook, I mailed it off to the Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, New York, to begin its tour. The book really spoke to the life season I was in — growing, learning, taking risks, and lots of dreaming and hoping.

February: I created this pretty mosaic to inspire me one cold and wintry weekend in February. (I know, technically, it’s more than just one photo…) ;-)

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. Hello Weekend!, 4. Untitled, 5. Untitled, 6. Travelling

March: I enjoyed many creative weekends in 2011, working out ideas in my sketchbook and creating art for art shows.

April: One of my poems won third place in a local art show. It was such a special evening with friends and family at the opening night of the show. If you’d like to read the poem, you can read my original post about the evening, here.

May: I was excited to welcome summer with new sunglasses, pretty shades of polish, iced coffees, etc. I love to celebrate the little details that make life special.

June: In June, I went on a fun antiquing adventure with a dear friend. It was the perfect way to spend a warm June morning and afternoon.

July: I spent lots of time out on my porch, enjoying the beautiful summer weather and flower pots my mom planted for me.

August: During my lazy summer afternoons and evenings on the porch, I read two incredible books by Shauna Niequist (Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet).

September: I created my 28 Things list, and I’m happy to say, I’ve already been checking things off the list. :) (I know, this isn’t exactly a photo, but I’m counting it anyway…) ;-)

October: I went on a much-needed girls’ weekend getaway with my family. We had a great time revisiting old memories, talking about our family history, shopping at local boutiques, and eating yummy food.

November: I displayed and sold my artwork at my company’s holiday art sale. It was a goal of mine, and it meant a lot to complete it.

December: December has been about the Advent season and celebrating Christmas. I’ve spent a lot of quiet time by my tree, in the Word, journaling and praying. It’s also been about time with family and friends and sharing and celebrating life with the people who mean the most to me.

And like I did last year, I’ll share my “presently delighting in” lists from 2011:

Winter 2011/2012

Taking pretty pictures; journaling; stocking up on books to read; making coffee/hot chocolate; being cozy; and settling into the quietness of wintertime.

Fall 2011

Apple cider, caramel lattes, burning fall candles, black-and-white photos, mellow music, art journals, and celebrating each day.

Summer 2011

Iced coffees, dreaming big dreams,  collecting inspiration, journaling, and giving thanks for the everyday blessings that make my life more beautiful.

Spring 2011

The beginnings of spring, polka dots, art explorations, reading and writing poetry, and learning what it means to have faith.


2011 has been a great year filled with faith, hope, new creative pursuits, and memories made with the people I love.

I’m already dreaming up ideas/goals for 2012 and look forward to another year filled with growth and creativity. I’ll be back with a post about 2012 goals and share some peeks into my sketchbook and journal.


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