Weekending: Art Journals & Other Crafty Things

Last night, I signed up for Elsie & Rachel’s Art Journal All Year E-Course. I bought a new art journal a few months ago, and as I wrote in my 28 Things list, I’m looking forward to art journaling on a more regular basis.

I love keeping a daily handwritten journal, but I love visual journaling, as well. It creates such a beautiful record of my life at different stages and seasons and helps me to see who I’ve been, who I am, and who I’m becoming, as different experiences shape me and my life. I’m also excited about having this art journal as a place to focus on My One Little Word.

I also started a new collage painting last night, inspired by this lovely painting I saw on Pinterest. I’m going to hang it in my hallway, as a daily gentle reminder to be still and know.

How are things with all of you? Are you pursuing any exciting dreams or projects this year?


P.S. I think Kate Nash might be my new favorite art making soundtrack. Definitely check out her station on Pandora when you have a chance! ;-)

4 thoughts on “Weekending: Art Journals & Other Crafty Things

  1. Breanna Wiebe says:

    I love the beauty and inspiration of this post- I can’t wait to be done nursing school so that I can let my creative, artsy side come out. I’m always craving to do the things you blog about, one day :)
    Can’t wait for your next blog.

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