You’ve been walking with me all this time…

I’m getting baptized tomorrow.

All week, my heart’s been filled with thoughts and reflections on who I was and who I am now, what I’ve experienced and what I’m experiencing now — and how God’s plan for me is woven throughout all of those moments.

“No matter what comes, you will never leave. I know you’re for me, and you’re restoring. Every heartache and failure, every broken dream, you’re the God who sees, the God who rescued me. This is my story.”

~ Britt Nicole

I was saved as a child, but it was only a head belief for me — not a heart belief. It wasn’t until about five years ago, that my relationship with Christ took root in my heart.

The change occurred after a relationship I had invested a huge portion of my heart and time into came to an end. In the midst of that broken time, God provided, and I found myself blessed with real, authentic friendships with some amazing Christian women who challenged me and encouraged me to grow in my faith. Slowly, I started to see what a relationship with Christ looked like and what it could mean for my life. I realized that for so many years, I had been keeping God at a distance, and I realized that during those very same years, He was patiently pursuing me, waiting for my heart to soften and let Him in. And even though I hadn’t been acknowledging Him, He’d still been there, by my side, walking with me.

As I look back on the last five years, I see all the changes that have occurred in my heart. I see the ways God has been refining me and making me a more authentic, true version of myself. I see His faithfulness in the way He’s guided me through some difficult moments and seasons. And I see the way He’s been teaching me, building my faith, and deepening my relationship with Him.

I’m still learning and seeking today, five years later, as I watch each new chapter unfold, according to His will for me. This season, my heart holds a lot of questions, hopes, and possibilities. I see God working in so many ways right now, doing incredible things in me and around me. And every day, even on the days I feel overwhelmed, worried, or unsure …

I know that he’s walking with me, because He’s been walking with me all this time.

5 thoughts on “You’ve been walking with me all this time…

  1. alliespence says:

    that is so sooo exciting! congratulations!! i was baptized only a few months ago after years in the church and some major heart change as the result of a shattering relationship too. so proud of you for taking this next step in your faith and wishing you God’s love and blessings at this beautiful event.

    warning: your heart may swell to overwhelming capacity!

    have an absolutely fantastic weekend!

  2. carmen @ life blessons says:

    Oh, I’m so excited for you! Being baptized was such a turning point in my faith and I really thank God for that :) I’m sure we’ve talked about this before, but your story coming to faith is exactly like my own. Sometimes it takes a broken heart to make us aware of the One who loves us even in our most broken-heartedness. “Beautiful mercy.”

  3. K says:

    Thank you both! It was an incredible day! My sister was baptized, as well, so it was extra special to share it with her.
    Beautiful mercy is right, Carmen. :)
    Hope you’re both having a wonderful Monday!

  4. melody says:

    Congratulations!!! And you got to be baptized with your sister? Awesome :) I was baptized when I was ten, and after learning so much more about it when I got older, I wanted to get baptized again— haha, but I don’t need to… but old self is gone, I am a new creation.

  5. K says:

    Thank you, Melody! It was an amazing experience! I’d like to write a post about it, but truthfully, I don’t even know if I can find the words to explain just how incredible it was. :) Hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday!

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