Trusting God With My Story

Today, I read a tweet that said:

“Do you trust God with the storyline of your life?”

That one pierced my heart a bit, because for as much as I post about living in the moment, loving my story, and trusting its Author, I realized today that if I’m being completely honest, this is something I really struggle to do.

Perhaps, it’s the writer in me, because I’ll take a look at my life and think of a number of different nice and neat ways everything could come together and work out. This could happen like this… And this like this…

That’s not surrendering, though.

And it certainly isn’t trusting God with the storyline of my life.

Within the last year, I’ve faced a number of different disappointments (with creative pursuits, with relationships, and even just with myself), and I think I haven’t always known how to handle those or what to do with them.

I know the logical answer is to take them to God, trusting that He works everything out for our good and His glory. And I’ve done that a little bit, but I’ve also tried to solve some of the issues myself — jumping in there with my red editor’s pen and telling God, Well, what if this happens like this? Or, What if we rearrange this part in this way?

In the midst of all of that, this is what I realized I’ve been learning:

People will disappoint us, and we will disappoint ourselves. Circumstances and timing and answers to prayers will not always make sense. We will feel stuck and frustrated and discouraged when we can’t clearly see the path we’re supposed to be following.

But we forgive — each other and ourselves. We find reasons to be thankful, even when it hurts. We look forward with hope, and we believe that God is good, and that He is making sense of the mess, even when we can’t see the tiniest bit of order amongst all the pieces.

And above all else…

We trust.

We stop wrestling with the plot and the characters and the length of each chapter, because we know, deep down, that He is an infinitely better storyteller than we are, and that our version of the story pales in comparison to the one He is ever-so-faithfully writing for us.

8 thoughts on “Trusting God With My Story

  1. lifeblessons says:

    Ah, I loved this, Katie! Especially this sentence: “He is an infinitely better storyteller than we are, and that our version of the story pales in comparison to the one He is ever-so-faithfully writing for us.” I love that that is so, so true :) Hugs!

  2. Allie Spencer (@alliespence) says:

    love this katie. i was reading the book “anonymous” last night – great read i would highly recommend if you haven’t already! – where she’s talking about Jesus’ temptation and how when He was confronted by satan to worship him in order to gain the whole world, Jesus didn’t even think about it in His mind – He didn’t even allow Himself to entertain the idea of giving in because then that would be sinful. it left me convicted, as your post does as well, about how often i (we) entertain or fantasize about ideas that i shouldn’t and how i sort of wish (with innocent intentions) to manipulate God.

    it’s so easy to say, “God write the story of my life”, but like you said, i don’t mean it if i’m still trying to make stuff happen or imagine things or try to fit what happens into what i think it should look like. not to say we shouldn’t use our imaginations but when they affect how we receive God’s plans for our lives then… ya, it becomes a problem!

    thanks for sharing katie!

  3. K says:

    @Allie: I read Anonymous a few years ago, and I really should reread it. So many great insights in that book! Thanks for your comment. :) I’m encouraged by you and thankful we’re able to share our stories via our blogs!
    @Carmen: Thanks, friend! :)

  4. amberdobecka says:

    Hi Katie! This post really hits home with me. I’m currently doing a Bible study called “Stuck” by Jennie Allen, and it aligns with everything you’ve shared. I think we will always feel a little stuck in areas of our lives because we are broken. We are human. But that’s what creates our need for God. He wants us to need him. But you’re right, the more spiritually mature I get, the more I see the problems in my own life, and the more I want to fix them myself. I love how you referenced you getting out your red editor’s pen. That’s so me!

    Any way, I’d love for you to consider becoming a contributor to FaithVillage – a new social network for faith experiences. I work there. :) Actually, Allie Spencer is one of our contributors. I found you through one of her blogs. I can send you more info/details via email if you’re interested. I’d love for you to check out our site.

    Amber Dobecka

  5. K says:

    Hi, Amber! Thanks for reading! I’ll definitely have to check out that Bible study “Stuck.” And I think you’re so right when you say, “I think we will always feel a little stuck in areas of our lives because we are broken. We are human. But that’s what creates our need for God.” He can and does use that to draw us nearer to Him, which turns our frustration into blessing. Sometimes, I have to remind myself of that, though, rather than just feeling frustrated at myself for feeling stuck. Then, in my surrender, I do find Him and the peace I’m looking for. :)

    Thanks for the information about FaithVillage. I’d love to get more information on what being a contributor entails, so if you could send that via e-mail, that would be great! My e-mail is letterbirdart[at]gmail[dot]com.

    Thanks again for stopping by and for reading!


  6. Hannah says:

    I clicked on this entry from the “Best of You” thread on TIN. :) This is so true, and I can totally relate!!! I think the biggest thing for me also has been to remain thankful always, knowing that however convoluted the plot of my life may look, God is way smarter than I am and He’s going to bring good out of every situation. Thank your for opening up and sharing.

  7. Katie @ A Place to Dwell says:

    Hi, Hannah! :) Thanks for reading and sharing. It’s such an encouragement to know that others experience similar things and that we can spur each other on. I just love The Network! :) Will you be at the conference in September?

  8. Moriah@Simple Gifts says:

    Coming over to read this from the Influence Network. Thank you for sharing your heart! This is something I could always stand to be reminded of! I so often want to do things MY way and often get impatient. Trust. Thank you for this reminder!

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