Giving Thanks

Inspired by Jessa Anderson’s Good Things series, I decided to start a similar series at A Place to Dwell.

Following God’s instruction to us in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, I want to keep a regular running list of all the good things He blesses me with even (especially!) during the more difficult moments and seasons.

Jessa explains her series as such: It’s simply a collection of the things in my life that are worth celebrating (big or small), and I find that writing them out especially helps me to overcome my tendency to complain. Life does come with frustrations, but I find that when I look at the big picture, they are usually small things in comparison to all the blessings God has graciously given. Even during our lowest moments, counting our blessings can remind us of the joy we have been given in Christ Jesus!

I love the idea of posting what I’m thankful for as a regular blog series, since it’s something I’ve done on and off in my journaling the last five years. It truly is such a good way to remember the joy we have been given in Christ Jesus.

So, welcome to post number one in my Giving Thanks series. ;)

Right now, my heart is thankful for:

The discovery of a delightful new market to shop at that’s full of delicious and healthy foods; the amazing church I belong to and the way my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ partner with me in prayer, encourage, inspire, and help me to know Christ more fully and completely; the perfect evening weather for a walk outside; my daily quiet time and the hope I’ve been finding in God’s Word; a new font to design with; an upcoming craft show adventure with my sister; hearing Jessa Anderson’s music for the first time today and connecting so completely with her lyrics; the best friends a girl could ask for; and last, but not least, this little blog of mine and all of my faithful readers.

And what about you?

Please do leave me comments to share what you’re thankful for lately. Let’s encourage each other and praise our wonderful Creator in the process! :)

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