A Summertime List (Or 10 Goals for a New Season)

1. Take frequent trips to local farmers’ markets and eat lots of fresh, in-season food all summer long.

2. Complete my study on women’s wisdom and Proverbs.

3. Start a regular walking/jogging routine (using the 5K app I just downloaded).

4. Buy a vintage-inspired bathing suit.

5. Get a bistro table for my porch, and spend my morning quiet time with God outdoors.

6. Look into my dream of renting an art studio space to share with some of my creative friends.

7. Make a summer reading list (another list! hehe), and plan plenty of outdoor reading dates (at parks, cafes, etc!).

8. Plan a picnic.

9. Trust more, hope more — and worry less.

10. Do something creative every day, in an effort to share more of who He is and bring Him glory in all I do.

2 thoughts on “A Summertime List (Or 10 Goals for a New Season)

  1. alliespence says:

    ahhh katie! i love it! i want to redo mine now and add some similar things ;) can’t wait to see how we actually “succeed” this summer!

  2. K says:

    Thanks, Allie! :) I love your list, too! It will be fun to post about our summer goal adventures. I’m still working through my 28 Things List, too, so I’ll have plenty of adventures to embark upon! haha

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