Quotable ~ Sharing Your Art with the World

The uniqueness of everyone’s eye and ear gets me excited about art. The way each individual chooses to see the world and interpret it. The beauty it carries, whether in simplicity or complexity to enrich everyday life.

~ Ashley Brooke Toussant, via a beautiful visual interview featured over at Kara’s blog, I Just Might Explode.

I just love Ashley’s thoughts on art. I completely agree.

I get so excited when I think about all of the unique talents and stories out in the world, and all of the ways we can all share our own unique selves through creating things that are true to who we are.

Quotes like that get me all jazzed up about making my own art, as well as encouraging others to make art, too.

If you have it in your heart to make art, to create — then you should. By creating what’s in your heart to create, you add your own unique beauty and enrich everyday life.

Be bold about sharing your creative gifts with the world.

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