Giving Thanks: 6.12.12

This week, my heart is thankful for:
Candle glowing, windows open, kitty fast asleep on the couch
Sitting on my porch, bird chirps and songs, and a restful, peaceful heart
Discovering Uppercase Magazine — for the creative and curious
The emphasis that giving thanks really does proceed the miracle (via 1,000 Gifts and The Circle Maker)
Disappointments redeemed, restored, renewed—becoming dreams resurrected
The smell of summer evenings through open windows, soft blue light, waiting for the moon
Slowing down, listening for God’s voice
Attending Weapons of Mass Creation (good food, good conversation)
New creative dreams to explore
Signing up for this class, so I’m able to capture my summer’s story 
The idea of having an “even then” faith and beginning to practice praying that way
Long summer days that fade into evening, slowly, purposefully

What about you? What’s bringing you joy this week?

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