Saturday-Afternoon Adventuring

I spent my Saturday in the Short North Arts District in Columbus. I met up with a sweet friend who’s getting ready to begin an exciting new season, and we had such a blessed day together.

We brunched at Northstar Cafe, sampled gelato and sorbet at Jenis, enjoyed iced coffee drinks (latte for me; chai for my friend), shopped, and snapped lots and lots of photos (as evidenced by this post!).

Sometimes, it’s good to get away for a day. We get so set in our normal routines, you know? I definitely needed a change of scenery, and it was the just the refreshment I needed.

Heading home last night, I thought about how lucky I am to be blessed with such beautiful and inspiring friendships. God’s given me some truly amazing friends who challenge me to be a better version of me. Friends who encourage but who also ask hard questions. Friends who make me laugh and truly do life with me.

I couldn’t be more thankful.

3 thoughts on “Saturday-Afternoon Adventuring

  1. carmen @ life blessons says:

    aww my bff lives in columbus and we used to spend many a weekend wandering around the short north. and i loooved jeni’s! hard to pick what flavor to get. there’s some park near there and we used to stop at a lot for picnics and such. makes me miss ohio just remembering!!

  2. K says:

    Aw, Carmen! Yes, it was such a fun area! I had never been, so it was treat to explore. :)
    Allie: You are too sweet! Here’s to random adventures!

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